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The kestrel painting is an original watercolour which illustrates this bird of prey. It is easily distinguished from other birds of this group by its size,  its  long tail and its long sharply pointed wings. The habit of lowering its head down in its search for food is characteristic of the kestrel. It feeds by pouncing on its prey on the ground, from its hovering flight.

The male kestrel has a grey head and a black moustache. It has a grey tail marked with a broad black streak at the terminal end. The back is deep rust spotted with black. The underparts are cream streaked with black and  the feet are yellow. The female is similar in build and habits, but the grey of the male is replaced by brown streaked with black.

The kestrel is widespread over farmland, heaths, moors, marshes, woodland edges,  suburbs and city centres. It is very often seen along motorway margins. It nests in cliff edges and crags, old buildings, holes in trees and disused nests of other birds. A simple hollow, with little nesting material, holds usually 4-5 eggs covered with a mottling of brown.

Food is mainly small mammals but it also takes small birds, reptiles and insects.

This is an original watercolour kestrel painting on Fabriano artistico paper. It is window mounted on ivory,  size 30 x 25 cms when mounted.

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