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The Chaffinch painting illustrates one of the most common birds in the UK. The male is a fine dove-grey on the crown and nape, deep chestnut on the back, green on rump , with black wings marked by broad brown margins and 2 bold white ring bars which are particularly noticeable in flight. The breast is deep pink fading to white on the belly. The female is dull in comparison but with the same white double wing bars.

The chaffinch is found in deciduous woods but also in hedgerows, gardens, parks and bushy heaths. It feeds on insects and their larvae and spiders in summer; vegetable matter is their diet in other seasons – seeds, fruit, cereals and beechmast.

This is an original watercolour Chaffinch painting on Fabriano artistico paper. It is window mounted on ivory,  size 30 x 40 cms when mounted.

Digital prints are available upon request. Please contact me by email from the contact form.

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