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This moorhen watercolour painting illustrates an aquatic bird that looks mainly blackish but is actually slatey-grey with browner wings.  It swims well and walks easily and is a familiar site on rivers, ponds, canals and lakes. A white line runs horizontally below the folded wing and the undertail feathers are white. It frequently cocks its tail whilst swimming and walking. The eye is red and the bird has a red comb and base to its yellow bill. The legs have long toed yellowish-green feet with a red and yellow garter above the “knee”.

The moorhen is generally somewhat aggressive towards its own kind. It flies rather weakly, after pattering over the water surface for some distance, and with its legs trailing behind. Its nests on a platform of vegetation at the water’s edge, feeding mainly on vegetable matter, including seeds, fruit and leaves, also insects and their larvae, worms and snails. It is found throughout England, Wales and Ireland but not in the uplands of Scotland.

This is an original watercolour Moorhen painting on Fabriano artistico paper. It is window mounted on ivory,  size 30 x 30 cms when mounted.

Digital prints are available upon request. Please contact me by email from the contact form.

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