Mallard original watercolour


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The mallard painting illustrates a common and widespread duck. It is gregarious and congregates in large flocks. It is the ancestor of most domestic breeds. The male has a distinctive bottle-green head with chestnut breast and a white collar. He has a black rear end with a tuft of curled-up feathers. The plumage of the female is mottled shades of brown and buffs, but both sexes have a blue and white speculum.

The loud and familiar quack-quack is uttered only by the female, the male is less raucous. It feeds on mostly vegetable matter including aquatic plants that is reaches by upending, but also on land plants, seeds, cereals and bread. The success of the mallard is due to its ability to adapt to a variety of foods.

This is an original watercolour painting on Fabriano artistico paper. It is window mounted on ivory,  size 40 x 50 cms when mounted.

Digital prints are available upon request. Please contact me by email from the contact form.

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