Great Crested Grebe original watercolour


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Great Crested Grebe

The Great crested Grebe painting illustrates a majestic and fascinating water bird. It’s back is grey-brown, the flanks are buff, while the belly and fore-neck are white. The bill is pink. It has beautiful head plumes that extend from the white face, over the cheeks, in a bright orange-red, tipped with black. This finery is featured in the unique courtship rituals. In this ceremony the pair approach each other, low in the water and rise up, treading water and shake their bills filled with weed, from side to side. In winter the plumes are lost. The great crested grebe was hunted for its plumes in the 19th century, but has since recovered under protection.

The Great crested Grebe is a gregarious bird forming breeding colonies and gathering in flocks in winter.  When it loses the plumes it is then a grey/white bird. The habitat is large shallow waters with vegetation of which the nest is constructed. The chicks have striped downy plumage and are frequently seen riding on their parents backs. They eat fish, insects and their larvae, crustaceans, molluscs and vegetation.

This is an original watercolour Great crested grebe painting on Fabriano artistico paper. It is window mounted on ivory,  size 40 x 40 cms when mounted.

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