Goldfinch with teasel original watercolour


This original watercolour painting on Fabriano artistico paper is now SOLD however digital prints are available upon request. Please contact me by email from the contact form.

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This original Goldfinch painting illustrates this attractive bird with its black and yellow wings and its distinctive head pattern of crimson, white and  black. The rump is white with a deep forked black tail. Goldfinches are gregarious birds often found in flocks called “charms”. It is found in open areas with waste ground and scrub, dunes and marshes, agricultural land, hedgerows, parks and gardens.

It flutters above thistles, teasels, knapweed etc. As it clings to seed heads it teases out the seeds with its pointed bill, also feeding on insects and their larvae. It uses thistledown to line its nest.

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