Goldcrest original watercolour


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This Goldcrest painting illustrates not only the smallest British bird but one of the smallest in the world – approximately 9cms long. It has olive-green upper parts and pale buff underparts. A broad yellow, black bordered, crown stripe is present with some orange feathers in the male, with a large black eye. It is an active little bird, invariably gregarious that often forms flocks.

The goldcrest mainly frequents coniferous woods and feeds on insects, their larvae and eggs together with spiders and their eggs. Its nest is suspended from the outer branch of a conifer, is cup-shaped and constructed of moss and spiders webs, lined with feathers.

This is an original watercolour  Goldcrest painting on Fabriano artistico paper. It is window mounted on ivory,  size 30 x 40 cms when mounted.

Digital prints are available upon request. Please contact me by email from the contact form.

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